EFFECTIVE Marketing Design

Ask yourself the following questions before you begin your marketing and sales strategy

What exactly am I selling?

Customers tend to think in terms of benefits, rather than features. How does your product, or service, benefit the customer, does it answer a need or want, does it present the solution to a problem? If you're not sure what the difference is between a feature and a benefit go to the section on Effective Sales Presentation

Who will buy it?

Who exactly will buy it, profile your customer.. What is their gender, age, and background.. What do they read, listen to, where do they go? The more you know about your customer the easier it is to sell to them and ensure your marketing is in the right place at the right time. If you're not sure how to profile your customer then go to the section on Hitting the mark in Business basics

How can I tell them about it?

What media will you use, examples include: tele sales, leaflets, brochures, newsletters, radio, tv, word of mouth, networking.. Have 2 or 3 methods at your disposal so if one dries up, or doesn't work you have something else to turn to.

How can I generate maximum response?

The more intimately you know your prospective customer, the more chance you have of selling.. It's all down to effective market research and profiling them before you design your literature. The other area to consider is how to make it easy for them to respond, ask yourself, why should they respond? What's in it for them - can you offer an incentive?

Will my marketing activity lead to a sale?

Sales literature that doesn't sell didn't work. Don't fool yourself into thinking it was just a fluke. Look at it objectively; put yourself in the mind of the customer.. What did they see (or not) that caused them not to respond.. Now amend it and try again. If all else fails get professional advice. With the advent of personal computers, everyone seems to think that they have become graphic designers and the PC will add the creativity that they lacked before. it's not true and there is a lot of garbage around to prove it.

Try to get an objective critique from a number of people, who are within your customer profile, before you risk all on the home made brochure, or sales letter.

How can I put the odds in my favour?

Try to make it easy for them to respond ... some people make it almost impossible, hiding telephone numbers, asking for lots of detailed information, etc. What is the purpose of the marketing campaign ... if it's to see who's out there remember the lower the commitment asked for the higher the rate of response.

What exactly am I selling?

Have I identified a real need for it?

Is it a growing market?

Who is the competition (SWOT analysis)?

What makes me better than them?

Why should people buy?

What is my USP?

What are the true benefits?

Biggest Challenge!

How can I be sure that the impression my customer gets is the same one I see?


Think like my customer thinks!

In order to do this I must know my customer intimately

Targeting the Customer

Build a complete profile of your potential customer


Age group?


ABC1C2 etc.?

What do they read / watch / listen?

Where do they go?

Where and how can I reach them?

What's their problem or need?

What will get their attention?

Your Customer

May be visual, audible or kinaesthetic

Is busy & overwhelmed with decisions

Wants to hang on to hard-earned money

Receives 30 - 50 letters / brochures per day

Has an excellent filter system (RAS)

Uses .02% of intellectual capacity

Has conditioned responses

Yet needs to know that you are treating them as an individual, rather than another 'number' in the game!

Why do You want this literature/ advertisement / exhibition?

Common answers are as follows, ensure your answer is not in the first 4

Pardon? I haven't a clue

Because we want a glossy brochure

Because the MD says so

It's in the Business Plan

To Raise Awareness

To Generate Leads

To Generate Sales

To Support Field Sales Staff

To Develop Market Intelligence

To Maintain / Improve Market Share

Does it comply with Your overall strategy? To see an example of a Direct Mail / Mail Shot Brochure that fitted in with a planned Sales and Marketing Strategy for a 'cold call' sales person click here now. please note this may take some time to load so be patient.


Designers - Design for visual effect

Printers - Print on Paper

Copywriters - Write Words

Photographers - Take Pictures

If they don't spend time getting to know your product and customers - don't use them!

If they don't understand the principles of marketing - don't give them full responsibility!

Great Sales Literature is Sales in Print!

In order to sell, the literature, letter, telephone call, etc. must follow the formula AIDA

Attention - get attention

Interest - generate interest in your product or service

Desire - build their desire to own your product or service

Action - tell them what the next step is to ensure they become a valued customer

Ways to gain attention!

Colour / Space / Layout

Size / Format / Image

Curiosity / Humour

Problem Solving / Benefit

Relevant right now

Texture / Feel / Quality

Headline / Phrase

Questions recipients ask

So What?

What's in it for me?

Is this relevant to me?

Do I really need to read this?

Is this an offer I can't refuse?

Does this solve a problem?

Have I really got time?

If I throw it in the bin am I making a mistake?

How to hold their interest

Bullet points / Flashes



New / Unique

Track record / Proven system

Research results

Guarantee / back up / service

0% / low interest

Competition / Something for nothing?

One upmanship

Creating desire

Body copy sell benefits

Money saving

Time saving

Labour saving

Profit making

Greater efficiency

More effective

Reduce buyer remorse

This occurs when you haven't satisfied them that either your product, service or company (or even you as an individual) are exactly what they want. It is normally the reason for cancelled orders "Have I done the right thing" .. in order to avoid this ensure that you answer all their questions and make sure they are satisfied before taking the order.

To see an example of an actual design that follows the AIDA principle and that worked click here. Please note this takes a short while to load so be patient

Improving response

Staged Contact (frequency) - don't assume because you sent them a letter that they read it. If only 2% respond you can bet 80% didn't even read it.

The lower the commitment the higher the response!

Make it easy for them!

Post paid / fax back / e-mail

Tick box

Provide pen

Tear off coupon

Their name & address printed

To see an example of a direct mail leaflet that achieved 28% response with no telephone follow up click here now. Please note this takes some time to load so be patient.