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This programme has been developed to assist you in planning for the future of your new start up business and covers many of the things you would need to know to develop a successful business plan and to understand the many different topics, such as cashflow and sales forecasting, market research, selling, profit and loss and the grants and funding that may be available to you, that running your own business encompasses. Don't worry if, at first, it all seems a little complicated - as you follow through the programme it will become clear.

Clicking on any of the subjects below will take you through a step by step section which explains in detail the fundamentals of business planning and development.

You can return to this section at any time by clicking the Business Basics button on the left or the back button on the page you are in.

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For more established, and growth, businesses we have included advanced topics in Personal Selling, Developing Effective Press and Public Relations, Designing Successful Sales Literature, etc. These may be found in the Business Growth Section

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