Successful Sales Letters

The first thing is that you have a list of all the companies / individuals you are going to send letters to. If not you can search on and 'cut and paste' the results into a text file. This provides an up to date database.

Also, if you have access on your machine, you can download a customer contact database for access from our resources (page 2)

We have enclosed examples of successful business letters that were developed on behalf of clients that actually worked to gain new business - this is the first

"If your current Packaging and Distribution provision is

Big enough, Flexible enough,

Efficient enough, Reliable enough,

Cost Effective enough, Caring enough,

We apologise for wasting your time and ask you to please throw this in the bin now


If you're looking for a company that will exceed your expectations in all of those areas, and you're open to a partnership solution, where your business profits from our experience, then read on

The size of our operation lets you use what you want when you want it - no more fixed overheads

We provide a 'one-stop-shop', one delivery to us and we will do the rest.

We guarantee flexibility, cost effectiveness and reliability

We provide a service second to none, from a labelling only requirement to full e-commerce back-room support

With 250,000 sq ft available, including a bonded warehouse provision, we are able to cater for the most demanding of clients

To receive an information folder and discover how we can develop a mutually profitable partnership telephone 01226 4444444 and speak to PP"

This was used by a packaging company to generate large clients and was in the form of a Press Release / News Story. The reason for this was that they were not sure if the recipient was male or female and (if you look at the successful sales presentation part of our site) you'll see that the first thing is to get their attention.

Following this you get them interested by telling them what's in it for them!

Then build up their desire to find out more (or own / buy whatever it is that you're selling) and finally

Close the Sale - or call them to action / tell them what to do if they want to move further - remember the lower the commitment you are asking for, the higher the response will be and, ultimately, the goal is to get yourself in front of them to sell face to face.

Here's another one for a cleaning company

"To x named contact at X estate agents

Dear x...,

Finding a cost effective, professional, cleaning service for rented and sale properties can be a bit of a lottery.

Do they guarantee quality?

Are they there when you need them?

Are you totally satisfied with their service?

With (Name of Company) the answer is always yes.

Our service is tailored to meet your requirements and your client's budget and can include upholstery, carpet, curtains, kitchen, bathroom and flood damage - in fact if it can be cleaner (name of company) will make it that way.

We operate on an 'as required' or 'contract' basis and are fully insured, for your peace of mind. One telephone call brings us into action. We will collect the key, clean the premises to your specifications and return the key for your new tenant, or buyer, to move into a thoroughly pristine home.

For further information on how (name of company) can assist you in moving properties call us on 01226 4444444

Yours faithfully

Chris C"

Here is another from a company doing infestation control for restaurants, hotels, etc

"News Release

Rats Develop New Eating Habits

In this modern world you are never more than a few feet from a Rat, no matter where you live, or what you are doing. Why is that? It's because Rats are one of the most successful creatures at adapting their habits to suit the environment.

With baiting common practice for exterminating rodents, Rats have now developed a new system of sending a young 'taster' Rat out to test the bait - if it dies they will ignore the bait and the infestation continues. This defeats the efforts of even the most determined amateur rat catcher.

Any form of infestation, even the slightest signs of it, can affect anyone running a food business, as you do.

Customers complain and tell their friends

Environmental Health set up a system of checking you out

Profits can suffer

The business could even close down

Why take risks when, for less than you would think, you can employ the services of N Environmental, a professional and experienced company who can:

Address all of your pest control requirements, with regular visits and treatments

Offer a discrete, professional service, using unmarked vehicles

Offer assistance with legislative requirements

Give advice on preventative measures

Operate a 24-hour response for commercial and domestic infestation

Why risk it, when the price you could pay would be so high, yet the cost we charge is so little - for complete peace of mind.

For a Free Survey and Quotation call

N Environmental on 07769 444444"

After each of these there was a telephone follow up to some of the companies who were sent letters and you can see examples of these by clicking here