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Having looked at the five variables that influence customers to buy, put these in order for your service, or product., starting with what you think is the most important as number 1 and then 2,3,4,5



Now you've completed that ask 20, or more, of your potential customers what is most important to them!

Analyse the results and put the five factors in order, according to your customer's opinion


Do you agree with your customer's opinion?

Did you get the same as them?





Remember, it's not the way you see it that counts - it's the way the customer sees it.

You can bet Sir Clive Sinclair thought the Sinclair C5 was the best vehicle ever invented!!

Listen to your customers!! They are the ones who will build your business!!

So why is the Marketing Mix so important?

Well - once you know the order that the five factors influence your potential customers you have the basis of an advertising and promotion strategy.

If price is the most important the advertising says

"All this for just £1.00!!"

If image is the most important thing then the line to use might be -

"Even your best friend will envy you this ... and they can't afford it"

Notice how a change of typeface and colour can also change the 'image' of the written word

- bearing in mind these are just examples of a principle and we'll look at this in detail in advertising and promotion.

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